Fluoride, is it safe?

Fluoride is a reduced form of Fluorine which is found almost everywhere on earth. Mainly found in the sea, it is thought to be very benificial for the teeth by preventing tooth decay. The covering around the teeth is called the “enamel” that cannot heal by itself, it needs help from Fluoride.

This was based on a study suggesting that people living near the sea which is rich in fluoride has less tooth decay. This is why fluoride is now added to drinking water. However, this has also started a debate whether or not fluoride is safe for the body.

The thing is, Fluoride, when taken in large amounts would really cause some bad effects to the body. The amount of fluoride in the water is only in very minimal amount, enough to fight off tooth decay. But this does not really help ease the concern of most Americans. According to statistics, America puts fluoride in their public water than the rest of the world.

However, it is clear that America shows a lot of concern in their dental health than other countries. Even though a lot of Americans are concerned with the effects of fluoridated water, there has been no evidence yet that shows the public water is not safe to drink. There have been a lot of evidence however, that shows fluoridated water is safe to drink.

Bottom line, Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay. That’s why it is present in our water and in our toothpaste. It is safe to use. But taking in fluoride directly and in large amount is not good.