Fluoride: 9 Facts

There’s always been the debate of whether or not Fluoridation is good for the public. Those who are siding with fluoridation of public water, of course, would say that there are a lot of benefits we can get from it. But really, all we do know is that Fluoridation will suppose to lessen tooth decay.

Well, here are 9 Fluoride facts to add to the debate:

1. Fluoridation is not common in most developed  countries. In fact, there’s more fluoride content in America’s public water system than the rest of the developed countries combined.

2. Fluoridated Countries do not have less tooth  decay than non-fluoridated countries. According to statistics, even though public water in America is fluoridated, it still does not rank as number 1 in the list of countries with less tooth decay.

3. Fluoride affects many tissues in the body  besides the teeth. Researchers have found out that fluoride has an effect on the different parts of the body. These are the bones, brain, Thyroid gland, Pineal gland, and blood sugar levels.

4. Fluoridation is not a natural process.  Contrary to what was promoted by those advocating fluoridation in public water, there is more fluoride content in the public water system than those found in natural sources like rivers and the sea.

5. 40% of American teenagers show visible signs of fluoride over-exposure. These signs include the condition called Dental Fluorosis. This is seen as white streaks along the teeth.

6. For infants, fluoride provides no benefits only risks. It has been proven that infants does not really need fluoride to protect tooth decay. In fact, too much exposure to fluoride at a developing stage could even hinder brain development.

7. Fluoride supplents have never been approved by the FDA. Yes, you read that right. In the 1940’s, areas that don’t have adequate supply of fluoridized water where given Fluoride supplements. These are in a form of tablets that are chewed and swallowed once a day by children. These supplements, even though it can only be brought in a pharmacy and is classified as drug, has never been approved by the FDA.

8. Fluoride is the only medicine added to public water. Fluoride is not an essential nutrient but instead is labeled by the FDA as a drug. Therefore, if a toothpaste contains fluoride, it is considered a drug.

9. ingesting fluoride provides little benefit to teeth. Fluoride works when applied topically to the teeth and never ingested. Ingestion could cause a dangerous effect to the other parts of the body.

There you have it, the 9 facts about Fluoride that could really make us think if the purpose of Fluoridation really is to prevent tooth decay, or something else.