Fluoride Myths

  1. Fluoride should not be found in water

Fluoride is actually found in water, however, it is not at the optimal level. The issue is really on the amount of fluoride being added in the water. In 2011, researchers and scientists have determined that the optimal level of fluoride in water should be set to 0.7 parts per million in order to benefit from it.

  1. Adding fluoride in water is similar to forced medication.

The truth is that a lot of scientific studies have proven that fluoride is essential in maintaining healthy teeth. The fact is that fluoride is not a medicine but it is a mineral that when taken in an optimal level has great positive effect to the teeth and bones.

  1. The government can save money by stopping water fluoridation.

Fluoridation in water is actually the most cost-effective way to prevent tooth decay. If fluoridation in water is stopped, it will cost more to find and implement other ways to counteract dental problems.

  1. People should be able to choose whether or not to put fluoride in their water.

Fluoridation in water is a public measure. It actually benefits everyone in the community. Fluoride is already present in all kinds of water supply, so its not really a matter of choosing but the important thing is that everyone is receiving the optimal amount of fluoride to stop tooth decay.

  1. Fluoride is already in toothpaste, it should no longer be in drinking water.

Even though there is already fluoride in toothpaste, studies show it is not enough. Toothpaste plus fluoridated water has proven to have prevented more dental problems than using toothpaste alone.